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Tampa Home Inspector – Talking About Garage Door Safety

  Garage door sensors are an integral part of an automatic door opener. Since 1993, as specified in the Underwriter Laboratories specification UL325, all garage door openers are required to have a safety mechanism to reverse the moving door if something gets in the way. For example, a child running to beat the closing door...
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Pool Safety – Make Sure Your Drain is not a Safety Hazard

Is you pool drain unsafe? Pool floor drains have enough suction to hold a person under the water. Entrapment injuries and deaths from drowning occur all too frequently in Florida, particularly in the summer months. 3 Ways to keep your pool safe: Install dual main drain openings rather than a single drain. Dual drains will...
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Judgemental Map of Tampa Bay – :)

Nothing educational here today. Just a bit of entertainment from your Tampa Home Inspector. If you have lived in the Tampa Bay area for a long time, then you may find humor in this one. Happy Friday!  
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Mold Prevention/Control

Moisture and Mold Prevention and Control Tips Moisture control is the key to mold control, so when water leaks or spills occur indoors – ACT QUICKLY.  If wet or damp materials or areas are dried 24-48 hours after a leak or spill happens, in most cases mold will not grow. Clean and repair roof gutters...
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Does Your Home Have AL Wiring?

Between approximately 1965 and 1973, single-strand aluminum wiring was sometimes substituted for copper branch-circuit wiring in residential electrical systems due to the sudden escalating price of copper. After a decade of use by homeowners and electricians, inherent weaknesses were discovered in aluminum that lead to its discontinued use as a branch wiring material. Although properly...
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Roofing: 101

Roofing Roofs play a key role in protecting building occupants and interiors from outside weather conditions, primarily moisture. The roof, insulation, and ventilation must all work together to keep the building free of moisture. Roofs also provide protection from the sun. In fact, if designed correctly, roof overhangs can protect the buildings exterior walls from moisture and...
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Enjoy the View – 07/28/2012

Enjoy the view on this water front deck – Carefully! Many decks and docks are not safe and in need of repair, most of them are not quite as obvious as the one in this picture that is about to collapse.
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Pool Safety Pt. 1

Swimming pools should always be happy places. Unfortunately, each year thousands of American families confront swimming pool tragedies, drowning’s and near-drowning’s of young children. These tragedies are preventable. These are guidelines for pool barriers that can help prevent most submersion incidents involving young children. This designed for use by owners, purchasers, and builders of residential...
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‘Anti Tip’, Tip

Anti-tip brackets are metal devices designed to prevent freestanding ranges from tipping. They are normally attached to a rear leg of the range or screwed into the wall behind the range, and are included in all installation kits. A unit that is not equipped with these devices may tip over if enough weight is applied to its open...
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